Royal Harare Golf Club has an ever growing number of junior members who are keen to excel in the sport.
The current Junior/Student membership stands at 85. A number of the local schools are affiliated to Royal and come to practice here on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and we have hosted the Inter Schools golf tournament at the Club on a number of occasions. Royal also has a Junior Golf Development program where youngsters from disadvantaged communities who show promise are given membership of the club and encouraged to take part in competitive events to further their skills.

Junior members are encouraged to take part in Club competitions and are allocated tee off times in these events.

The Management of the Club believes strongly in the development of the Junior/Student members and encourages clinics, competitions and participation in Club life.

An exciting addition to the Junior golf program at Royal Harare Golf Club is the development of the Leadbetter Academy. The COVID-19 global pandemic has delayed the opening of the Academy, but we hope that 2021 will see the Academy in full operation. More details to follow soon.