Please note that access to the walking/running track is temporarily suspended under COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Royal offers a 5km walking/running track which follows the boundary of the golf course.
Members use the running track as part of their membership package.
Visitors are welcome to use the facility for a small fee every time they walk/run, or consider joining the club as a HOUSE 
member to have access to the Locker Room facilities and discounts on food and drink through your member card.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:             06:30am to 08:30am and 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Saturday and Sunday:       06:00am to 07:30am and 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Please note that these hours are for your own protection as Royal is a golf course and there are large numbers of golfers on the course at other times of the day. The course starts from adjacent to the 9th green – near the cart sheds and finishes near the 10th tee. The entire course is clearly signposted. Please pay special attention to golfers on the course and be aware of the risk of golf balls in flight.You may encounter wildlife on the course, please treat with respect and note that all runners/walkers use the running course at their own risk.